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Base Size-Small bayonet or Small Edison Screw:

Amazing glass replica candle, perfect for chandeliers! Looks exactly like a ‘traditional’ globe when turned on.

Wattage: 3 Watts

Lumenous Flux: 240 Lumens

Fittings:  Small Edison Screw (SES/E14) or Small Bayonette (SBC/B15)

Colour Temperature: Warm only (2900K) (more info)

Dimmable: YES

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Warranty: 5 years


Product Description

The iCandle represents the latest in LED technology, with Samsung chips arranged in such a manner that when illuminated, the iCandle can’t be differentiated from an old power guzzling glass filament bulb. It’s hand blown glass enclosure perfectly replicates candle globes of days gone by, whilst only consuming 3 watts of power. The iCandle’s warm glow is also dimmable, so you can lower the light level if required.

The iCandle is primarily designed for use in chandeliers and other grand lighting enclosures, but can also be used in lamps and other applications where the look is everything – and it is a looker! Leave your chandeliers on without the guilt of their power consumption, with the iCandle.

NOTE: Please install by holding base, not the glass. as mishandling may dislodge or damage glass.

LED technology is designed to last, and can often last up to 30 years. iGlobe guarantees the life of it’s products for at least 5 years – that’s our iGuarantee.