iGlobe mini (=25 watt)

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NEW IGLOBE MINI COLOUR!!! Edison screw only (E27):

Power savings: Greater than 90%

Wattage: Only 1 Watt

Lumenous Flux: 100 Lumens

Fittings: Large Edison Screw (ES/E27) Small Edison Screw (E14) or Bayonette (BC/B22)

Colour Temperature: Warm only (2900K) (more info)

Dimmable: NO

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Warranty: 5 years

Product Description

The iGlobe mini is designed for applications where you need less light, and want great savings. It only consumes one watt of power – amazing! Replacing a 20 watt regular globe, this one can be left on all day for the same amount of power usage!

The ‘mini’ is proving popular in coach lamps and other small lights around the home, where its warm glow provides guilt free ambiance. You never need to turn it off, it will only consume 24 watts of power in a day. Thats only $2 per year, if you never turn it off. The mini is perfect to leave on all night, or if you are going away on holidays and want some light for security. It will burn less power in a weekend, than a 60 watt globe will in an hour!

At 100 lumens, the non-dimmable mini is not designed to replace traditional ceiling lights, but it will give enough light for ambiance and security whilst maintaining it’s reputation as a power miser.

LED technology is designed to last, and can often last up to 30 years. iGlobe guarantees the life of it’s products for at least 5 years – that’s our iGuarantee.