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Base Sizes:
Bayonet (B22) Edison Screw (E27)
Product Description

The iRainbow is a remote controlled 3 watt LED light globe, where you can choose the colour and the effects of the light.

Christmas time? Turn your lights green and red! Footy team have a win? Create your team colours in or around your home or business.

All the colours of the rainbow are available on the controller, or you can leave the in built computer to control the effects for you.

These effects include FLASH, STROBE, FADE and SMOOTH transitions that allow the colours to change in in different ways.

This product cant be used in a dimming circuit, but it has it’s own dimmer built in, allowing you more control over your light intensity. The controller even allows you to turn the light off and on without using the switch.

LED technology is designed to last, and can often last up to 30 years. iGlobe guarantees the life of it’s products for at least 5 years – that’s our iGuarantee.